“You’ve changed”

If change is part of life…. Why people freak out about it?


“You’ve changed” a quote I hear a lot from old friends and family. Well of course I’ve changed! Time passes by if you haven’t figured that out. Last time I saw or spoke to a lot of them was back in high school (4 years ago or more). Do you really expect me to be the same person who’s only worry was finding the perfect dress for prom?

Yes, I’ve changed. I don’t know if it’s been for good or bad, but I’ve changed. I’m not the same person you once met and I won’t be the same person five years from now. Should I be worry?

I’m in that stage of life where I am not sure where I come from, I don’t like where I am , and I have no clue where I’m going. Should I be worry about that too? Yes, I’ve changed. I’m goofy, boring, bold, lazy, thin, fat, funny, crazy , and bitchy. Depending on what they want to see. True is that people can’t really see me. So how can they tell I’ve changed?

Yes, I’ve changed. I started living by myself and for myself. I know the way I act many time can pass by arrogant and cold.( and they might be right) But guess what? I really don’t care anymore. Welcome to my new life.

I’ve changed.



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