A Lovely Day

We started our day with a kiss…


It’s our second Valentines together, so we decided to create a tradition. Just like last valentines we went to see the sunrise by the beach. It was cold and the wind was so strong it almost made our little walk difficult.


We enjoyed a delicious breakfast while we talked about random stuff. We’ve had ups and downs but I’m proud of what we’ve built so far and I can’t wait to see what’s coming. 
We talked, we played, we shared. We had an awesome morning together. Later that morning we went to visit my family to wish them a happy day and give them some cupcakes ( cause nothing says better I love you than candies!). It was a short visit but full of warm feelings. I was surrounded by all the people I love the most… I can’t ask for more.

After that we had some little business to take care off (with little business I mean boring adult stuff).  
We went straight home after that. I did some homework while we has working on his house projects.

As part of our new tradition, I’m in charge of dinner. I like to make my special broil ribs. For the record I only make them once a year cause it takes almost 3 hours to make.

And of course! The final part of our Valentine’s Day was waiting for the awesome premier of The Walking Dead.

We shared this special day on our own special day. But what can I say… Everything is special when you’re in love.

Hope you had a beautiful Valentine’s Day.



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