Blue Days

I can’t do it. I’m not good enough. I’m not ready. I’m a failure…


That’s all I’ve been telling myself lately and honestly it’s been holding me down. Some days, I call them blue days were I can’t see the beauty within me. I can’t see me as a functional human been. I start wondering if I deserve the friends I have, if I’m a shame for my family and why my partner wants me.

I don’t glow. Not in my blue days. It scares the hell out of me thinking that someone would know how I feel…. How I really see myself. There are a lot of changes coming in my life and honestly, I don’t know how I’ll make it thru.

In my blue days, I’m not smart, I’m not pretty and I’m worthless. Why am I even “trying”? Who am I trying to fool?

My blue days are long and regular but no one can noticed.

That’s alright. 

Im  just fine…



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