Gone for too long 

Today she likes her smile, she doesn’t feel a stranger…”

Tonigh I heard a song that reminded me of feelings that I haven’t felt in too long… Hopefully someone will feel this warm feeling after reading the lyrics of this song.

What a charming smile…

This song is in Spanish but I’ll translate for you guys. Please read throughly.
Ella (She) by Bebe 
She is tired of throwing in the towel

She’s taking down spider webs bit by bit

She hasn’t slept tonight

But she’s not tired

She hasn’t looked at a single mirror 

But she feels beautiful.

Today she’s painted her eyelashes 

Today she likes her smile, she doesn’t feel a stranger 

Today she dreams what she wants without a worry

Today she’s a woman that realized her soul

Today you’ll discover that the world is yours 

That no one can hurt you, no one can hurt you

Today you’re going to learn that fear can be broken with a mere slamming door

Today you’re gonna keep laughing at yourself and she that you’ve accomplished 

Today you’re going to be the women that you wanted to be, today you’re going to love yourself like no one has known how

Today you’ll look ahead at what’s behind you that hurt you so, a valiant woman as making woman, look how you’re already!

Today the perfect woman they were waiting for has been born, she is shamelessly broken rules

Today she is wearing heels to make her steps be heard, today she knows her life will never more be a failure…

Beautiful words from a beautiful mind… Let me know if you like this post.



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